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  • Low rank orthogonal bundles and quadric fibrations 

    Choe, Insong; Hitching, George Harry (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Let C be a curve and V → C an orthogonal vector bundle of rank r. For r ≤ 6, the structure of V can be described using ten- sor, symmetric and exterior products of bundles of lower rank, essentially due to the existence ...
  • Description of the prehospital emergency healthcare system in Norway 

    Kjærvoll, Hege K.; Andersson, Lars-Jøran; Bakkelund, Karin Elvenes; Harring, Astrid Karina V.; Tjelmeland Myrhaugen, Ingvild Beathe (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
    Background: Norway has a long coastline, steep mountains, and wide fjords, which presents some challenges to the prehospital emergency healthcare system. In recent years, the prehospital emergency medical services (EMS) ...
  • The MeSH heading "Call Center" is due for an update: Why we recommend the more precise heading "Emergency Medical Communication Center" 

    Harring, Astrid Karina V.; Blinkenberg, Jesper; Brattebø, Guttorm; Hjortdahl, Magnus; Idland, Siri; Iversen, Emil; Leonardsen, Ann-Chatrin Linqvist; Zakariassen, Erik; Jørgensen, Trine Møgster (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    Call centers can be found in various industries. However as a Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) the term “Call centers” does not reflect the critical purpose of handling emergency calls. We recommend “emergency medical ...
  • Animals: Ending Cruelty Through Markets 

    Sterri, Aksel Braanen (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    Automatic speech recognition (ASR) has become a familiar input component for voice user faces, such as texting, preparing structured documents, searching, and voice commands. Inclusive ASR is a premise for a sustainable ...
  • Selection and Performance Prediction of a Pump as a Turbine for Power Generation Applications 

    Abdulbasit, Nasir; Dribssa, Edessa; Misrak, Girma; Madessa, Habtamu Bayera (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    The high price of purpose-made turbines always represents an active challenge when utilizing pico- and micro-hydropower resources. Pumps as turbines (PATs) are a promising option to solve the problem. However, the selection ...

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