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dc.contributor.authorKannelønning, Mari Serine
dc.contributor.authorEvjen, Sunniva
dc.identifier.citationKannelønning MS, Evjen S. Tillit og tverrfaglighet - om bibliotekaren som forskerstøtte . Nordisk Tidsskrift for informationsvitenskab- og kulturformidling. 2018;7(3):74-88en
dc.description.abstractTechnological advancements and reforms in the university sector have changed the conditions under which researchers and academic staff work. In turn, university libraries need to adapt to the changing needs of this particular user group. This article highlights which competencies and ro/es the university librarian needs in order to address these changing needs based on an understanding of the researcher's work context. How can the academic librarian contribute to the research process? The study on which this article is based has applied lnstitutional Ethnography {IE}, as one methodological approach. IE puts focus on the expert knower, in this case the researcher, who can transmit work knowledge specific to the context in which he or she operates. Applying this approach is one way of dealing with cha/lenges concerning tacit know/edge. In addition, IE provides an opening to revealing new knowledge about a we/1-studied issue. The data material consists of interviews with researchers (individual and group), and a workshop with academic library staff. Findings show that the researchers' demands of publications governs their prioritization, but also their relationships to technology and people. The informants' state that they need to be ab/e to trust that librarians contribute added va/ue and substance to the research process - only then can they be part of the research network. The informants wou/d also like librarians to contribute with a transdisciplinary mindset in transdisciplinary research projects, that they coordinate administrative support, and take charge of research dissemination intended to "popularize" research.en
dc.publisherInstitut for Informationsstudier, Københavns Universiteten
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNordisk Tidsskrift for informationsvitenskab- og kulturformidling;Årg. 7 Nr. 3 (2018): Nye tider, nye udfordringer og nye kompetencer
dc.rightsDette værk er under følgende licens Creative Commons Navngivelse – Ikke-kommerciel – Ingen Bearbejdede Værker (by-nc-nd).en
dc.titleTillit og tverrfaglighet - om bibliotekaren som forskerstøtteen
dc.typeJournal articleen
dc.typePeer revieweden
dc.source.journalNordisk Tidsskrift for informationsvitenskab- og kulturformidling

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