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dc.contributor.authorNordsteien, Anita
dc.identifier.citationNordsteien A. Handling inconsistencies between information modalities - workplace learning of newly qualified nurses. Information research. 2017;22(1)language
dc.description.abstractIntroduction. Information-related activities of nurses touch on questions of life and death, this makes their work life challenging, particularly when dealing with inconsistencies between different information sources. This paper provides insights into how, when and why newly qualified nurses respond to these information contradictions. Methods. A longitudinal ethnographically inspired study was conducted on a nurse training programme in a hospital in Norway. Focus groups and interviews were used to collect data from 25 newly qualified nurses. Analysis. Thematic analysis was carried out with NVivo10, and three themes were identified: reliance on information, challenging practice and complying with practice. Results. Participation in a training programme appears to affect how newly qualified nurses handle information inconsistencies. Training-nurses seem to rely on theoretical information, and use this to substantiate and challenge existing practices. The new nurses adapt to the routines on their wards, but have a strong impetus to improve practice promoting their prior knowledge, motivation and values. Conclusion. Theoretical information plays a major role in new nurses’ learning processes; they exchange this information with experienced colleagues in return for experiential information about critical situations. This generates mutual learning and development of practices in organisations.language
dc.publisherInformation Researchlanguage
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivative Works Licenselanguage
dc.subjectInformation sourceslanguage
dc.titleHandling inconsistencies between information modalities - workplace learning of newly qualified nurseslanguage
dc.typeJournal articlelanguage
dc.typePeer reviewedlanguage
dc.source.journalInformation research

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