• Bristol Cable: A Local Hybrid Organisation 

      Konow Lund, Maria (Chapter, 2023)
      Investigative journalism has long been described as ‘in decline’ thanks to aspects such as layoffs and faltering business models (Carson, 2020; Konieczna, 2018), and local journalism has faced similar financial difficulties ...
    • The Bureau Local: A Hybrid Network for Local Collaborative Investigative Journalism 

      Park, Michelle; Konow Lund, Maria (Chapter, 2023)
      Collaborative journalistic investigations rose to new prominence with the Panama Papers (2016) and Paradise Papers (2017) projects, both of which involved enormous amounts of data shared amongst an international network ...
    • Digital Innovation During Terror and Crises 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad; Olsson, Eva-Karin (Digital Journalism;, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018-09-25)
      Terror attacks are moments of chaos and destabilization. From a journalistic perspective, terror attacks disrupt everyday news work where journalists find themselves struggling to restore order and report the event at hand ...
    • Female Investigative Journalists: Overcoming Threats, Intimidation, and Violence with Gendered Strategies 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Høiby, Marte (Journalism Practice;, Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021-12-19)
      During the past two decades, numerous investigative journalist networks have emerged globally, through which participants collaborate and share data. This relatively new practice thrives on the opportunities offered by ...
    • Global Investigative Collaboration 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Bebawi, Saba (Chapter, 2023)
      In this chapter, we focus on how investigative cross-border collaboration has arisen and developed in the digital era by drawing upon our relatively unprecedented access to several news workers at the Forbidden Stories ...
    • How a COVID-19 Live Tracker Led to Innovation in Investigative Journalism 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Wiik, Jenny (Chapter, 2023)
      The practice of investigative journalism is constantly pushing the boundaries of what journalism can do and should be. While certain core values remain intact, professionals readily experiment with new methods, forms of ...
    • How COVID-19 Affected the Practice of Investigative Journalism in Norway and China 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Pan, Lin; Olsson, Eva-Karin (Chapter, 2023)
    • A Hybrid Investigative Ecology 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Park, Michelle (Chapter, 2023)
      In Part 2, we have looked at what we called ‘hybrid elements’ in emerging organisations focused on investigative journalism and holding power to account. Since the turn of the millennium, scholars have generally focused ...
    • Hybrid Investigative Journalism During Times of Crisis 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Park, Michelle; Bebawi, Saba (Chapter, 2023)
      In pursuit of its continued focus on holding power to account—locally, nationally and globally—investigative journalism as a practice has actively incorporated various digital skills and capabilities. The embrace of digital ...
    • The Korea Center for Investigative Journalism: A Hybrid Nonprofit Funding Model 

      Park, Michelle; Konow Lund, Maria (Chapter, 2023)
      In 2013, the world-shaking collaborative investigative-journalism project confronting tax avoidance known as the ‘Offshore Leaks’—orchestrated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)—published ...
    • Making Investigative Journalism in a Hybrid Manner 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Park, Michelle (Chapter, 2023)
      It is easy to forget that, historically, hybridity has always been a part of journalism (Hamilton, 2016). For example, ethnographer and sociologist Gaye Tuchman (1978) first engaged with the ‘hybrid’ context of the television ...
    • Organizational and occupational innovation when implementing a Covid-19 live tracker in VG newsroom 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Mtchedlidze, Junai; Barland, Jens (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Academic research on whether and how innovation during crises results in durable changes in practice remains scant. The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it new opportunities to look at both innovation and transformations in ...
    • Reconstructing investigative journalism at emerging organisations 

      Konow Lund, Maria (The Journal of Media Innovations;Vol 6 No 1 (2020): Special issue: Media Innovation and Social Change, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-03-06)
      While academic research has mainly focused on how legacy media organisations conduct their general news production work, fewer studies have focused on specialised practices such as investigative journalism in relation to ...
    • Toward a Hybrid Future for Investigative Journalism 

      Konow Lund, Maria; Park, Michelle; Bebawi, Saba (Chapter, 2023)