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dc.contributor.authorGarratt, Andrew
dc.contributor.authorFurunes, Håvard
dc.contributor.authorHellum, Christian
dc.contributor.authorSolberg, Tore
dc.contributor.authorBrox, Jens Ivar
dc.contributor.authorStorheim, Kjersti
dc.contributor.authorJohnsen, Lars Gunnar
dc.identifier.citationHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes. 2021, 19, (1-9).en_US
dc.description.abstractBackground: The EuroQol EQ-5D is one of the most widely researched and applied patient-reported outcome measures worldwide. The original EQ-5D-3L and more recent EQ-5D-5L include three and five response categories respectively. Evidence from healthy and sick populations shows that the additional two response categories improve measurement properties but there has not been a concurrent comparison of the two versions in patients with low back pain (LBP). Methods: LBP patients taking part in a multicenter randomized controlled trial of lumbar total disc replacement and conservative treatment completed the EQ-5D-3L and 5L in an eight-year follow-up questionnaire. The 3L and 5L were assessed for aspects of data quality including missing data, floor and ceiling effects, response consistency, and based on a priori hypotheses, associations with the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), Pain-Visual Analogue Scales and Hopkins Symptom Checklist (HSCL-25). Results: At the eight-year follow-up, 151 (87%) patients were available and 146 completed both the 3L and 5L. Levels of missing data were the same for the two versions. Compared to the EQ-5D-5L, the 3L had significantly higher floor (pain discomfort) and ceiling effects (mobility, self-care, pain/discomfort, anxiety/depression). For these patients the EQ-5D-5L described 73 health states compared to 28 for the 3L. Shannon’s indices showed the 5L outperformed the 3L in tests of classification efficiency. Correlations with the ODI, Pain-VAS and HSCL-25 were largely as hypothesized, the 5L having slightly higher correlations than the 3L. Conclusion: The EQ-5D assesses important aspect of health in LBP patients and the 5L improves upon the 3L in this respect. The EQ-5D-5L is recommended in preference to the 3L version, however, further testing in other back pain populations together with additional measurement properties, including responsiveness to change, is recommended.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipOslo University Hospital, South Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, and EXTRAfunds from the Norwegian Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation through the Norwegian Back Pain Association.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesHealth and Quality of Life Outcomes;19:155
dc.rightsNavngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal*
dc.subjectLow back painsen_US
dc.subjectPatient reported outcome measuresen_US
dc.subjectLife qualitiesen_US
dc.titleEvaluation of the EQ-5D-3L and 5L versions in low back pain patientsen_US
dc.typePeer revieweden_US
dc.typeJournal articleen_US
dc.rights.holder© The Author(s) 2021.en_US
dc.source.journalHealth and Quality of Life Outcomesen_US
dc.relation.projectNorges forskningsråd: 262673en_US

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Navngivelse 4.0 Internasjonal
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