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dc.contributor.authorDæhlen, Marianne
dc.contributor.authorMadsen, Christian
dc.identifier.citationChildren and youth services review 2016, 67(August):76-83language
dc.description.abstractThis article addresses the ongoing debate about the effectiveness of multisystemic treatment (MST) by examin ing school enrolment at age 18 among youths who have received MST. The analyses are restricted to youths who engage in antisocial behaviour and/or substance abuse. We used propensity score matching to compare s chool enrolment between youths who had received MST and a control group who had not receiv ed MST . The analyses of population data showed a somewhat lower school enrolment in the MST group compared with youth s receiving treatment as usual.language
dc.description.sponsorshipNorges forskningsråd: 212293
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives Licenselanguage
dc.titleSchool enrolment following multisystemic treatment: A register-based examination among youth with severe behavioural problemslanguage
dc.typeJournal article
dc.typePeer reviewedlanguage
dc.typeJournal article

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