• Navigator of the seas: Aft contrum deck 8-10 

      andersen, Kyrre; Lundberg, Liv Anne (Visual arts, 2002)
    • Serenade of the seas: main centrum deck 4-11 

      Lundberg, Liv Anne; Andersen, Kyrre (Visual arts, 2003)
    • Adaptive learning with artificial barriers yielding Nash equilibria in general games 

      Oommen, John B.; Yazidi, Anis (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2003)
      Artificial barriers in Learning Automata (LA) is a powerful and yet under-explored concept although it was first pro- posed in the 1980s. Introducing artificial non-absorbing barriers makes the LA schemes resilient to ...
    • Bisbegra bo og omsorgssenter: Kristiansand 2004 

      Andersen, Kyrre; Lundberg, Liv Anne (Design product, 2004)
    • Advances in information technology and its implication on privacy 

      Hassan, Ismail (Network and system administration : research surveys;Vol. 1, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2004)
      Over the past three decades, computers and information technology in general have experienced an enormous growth and development. This amazing new technology is profoundly affecting and changing the functioning of societies ...
    • Predicting TCP congestion through active and passive measurments 

      Hassan, Ismail Ali (Master thesis, 2005)
      The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) has proved to be a reliable transport protocol that has withstood the test of time. It is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite deployed on the Internet, and it currently supports a ...
    • Administration of remote computer networks 

      Fjeldbo, Stig Jarle (Master thesis, 2005)
      Today's computer networks have gone from typically being a small local area network, to wide area networks, where users and servers are interconnected with each other from all over the world. This development has gradually ...
    • Virtual user simulation 

      Thurmann, Ellef (Master thesis, 2005)
      This project is about human–computer interaction, consisting of two parts. The first part is to analyze human behavior through the observation of machine/system behavior – solely through network traffic. By observing ...
    • User survey of practices using cfengine 

      Chaudhry, Raheel Asghar (Master thesis, 2005)
      This Master thesis is the final project at Oslo University College which is a part of the international Master degree in Network and system administration, in collaboration with the University of Oslo. This thesis includes ...
    • Retrivability of data in ad-hoc backup 

      Aspelund, Trond (Master thesis, 2005)
      This master thesis looks at aspects with backup of data and restore in ad-hoc networks. Ad-hoc networks are networks made between arbitrary nodes without any form of infrastructure or central control. Backup in such ...
    • Evaluation of file access control implementations 

      Madar, Fatima Ali (Master thesis, 2005)
      This thesis discusses two implementations of file access controls: the UNIX Permissions (UP) and the Access Control List (ACL). We will evaluate advantages and weaknesses in these two implementations. The criteria ...
    • High speed network sampling 

      Rindalsholt, Ole Arild (Master thesis, 2005)
      Classical Sampling methods play an important role in the current practice of Internet measurement. With today’s high speed networks, routers cannot manage to generate complete Netflow data for every packet. They have ...
    • Passive traffic characterization and analysis in heterogeneous IP networks 

      Thorkildssen, Håvard Wik (Master thesis, 2005)
      In this thesis we revisit a handful of well-known experiments, using modern tools, to see if results yielded from earlier experiments are valid for today’s heterogeneous networks. The traffic properties we look at are ...
    • Traffic classification with passive measurement 

      Pham, Phong Hoang (Master thesis, 2005)
      This is a master thesis from a collaboration between Oslo University College and Uninett Research. Uninett have a passive monitoring device on a 2.5 Gbps backbone link between Trondheim and Narvik. They uses measurement ...
    • Comparison of NFS, Samba and AFS 

      Eriksen, Claudia (Master thesis, 2005)
      By making use of a distributed file system, users of physically distributed computers are allowed to share data and storage resources. This paper compares three distributed filesystems: the Sun NFS filesystem, Samba and ...
    • Utsmykking av Fagereng skole Tromsø 2005 

      Lundberg, Liv Anne; Andersen, Kyrre (Visual arts, 2005)
    • Traffic characteristics and queueing theory : implications and applications to web server systems 

      Bjørnstad, Jon Henrik (Master thesis, 2006)
      Businesses rely increasingly on Internet services as the basis of their income. Downtime and poor performance of such services can therefore be directly translated into loss of revenue. In order to plan and design services ...
    • High-level load balancing for web services 

      Ulland, Sven Ingebrigt (Master thesis, 2006)
      A structured approach to high availability and fault tolerance is essential in a production-grade service delivery network, where delays and faults can occur for a multitude of reasons. In this thesis, we consider the ...
    • Monitoring Changes in the Stability of Networks Using Eigenvector Centrality 

      Bytyci, Ilir (Master thesis, 2006)
      Monitoring networks for anomalies is a typical duty of network operators. The conventional monitoring tools available today tend to almost ignore the topological characteristics of the whole network. This thesis takes a ...
    • Predicting performance and scaling behaviour in a data center with multiple application servers 

      Undheim, Gard (Master thesis, 2006)
      As web pages become more user friendly and interactive we see that objects such as pictures, media files, cgi scripts and databases are more frequently used. This development causes increased stress on the servers due ...