• A participatory pathbreaker? 

      Braathen, Einar (NIBR-notat 2006:122, Notat, 2006)
      Last ned gratis The study examines experiences of rural producer organisations in four countries - Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda - from the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) processes. It synsthesises and ...
    • Avaliací¡o do Programma Xingu do Instituto Socioambiental 

      Braathen, Einar (NIBR Report 2010:10, Rapport, 2010)
      The report evaluates a major integrated programme for rain forest protection, indigenous rights and alternative models for natural resource management in Xingu Basin for the period 2005-2008. The evaluators conclude that ...
    • Brazil - the rise and fall of democratic developmentalism 

      Braathen, Einar (The Democratic Developmental State: North-South Perspectives;, Chapter; Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2018-03-30)
      The impeachment of the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff in August 2016 brought to an end a political movement linked to the Workers' Party (Partido dos Traba/hadores, PT) and its leader Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. Lula, ...
    • BRICS, megaeventos esportivos e o Rio de Janeiro como “cidade de exceção” 

      Braathen, Einar; Mascarenhas, Gilmar; Sørbøe, Celina Myrann (Journal article; Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014)
      Within the BRICS countries, ‘cities of exception’ build coalitions of government and business in search of entrepreneurship opportunities. Sports combine image and accumulation, as well as the excuse to carry out ...
    • Decentralisation in Laos 

      Braathen, Einar; Pär Sköld (NIBR-notat 2006:121, Notat, 2006)
      Last ned gratis The study contains the appraisal of the decentralisation project in the Luang Prabang province, phase II. The political-social context of the reform is critically assessed. THe appraisal found the underlying ...
    • Innledning – europeisk venstreside mellom krise og fornyelse 

      Braathen, Einar (Vardøger;Volum 38, Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Dette nummeret av Vardøger inneholder ulike bidrag til forståelsen av europeisk venstreside og den utvikling den er inne i. Nummeret analyserer og drøfter venstresidens utfordringer. Det er grunnlag for å si at venstresiden ...
    • Local governance, finances and service delivery in Tanzania 

      Braathen, Einar; Allern, Elin Haugsgjerd (Joint report NIBR/CMI/REPOA 2005, Rapport, 2005)
      This is a summary of three more extensive reports that are supposed to contribute to a baseline for the local government reform programme in Tanzania.
    • Northern Uganda: Local Actors Preparing for Peaace 

      Agnes Ojera; Braathen, Einar (NIBR-notat 2008:117, Notat, 2008)
      Last ned gratis The paper illuminates the role of local actors and institutions in the peace process in Northern Uganda. In particular it presents the viewpoints of key actors in the political life, public administration ...
    • Norwegian Party Assistance in Tanzania 

      Henningsen, Erik; Braathen, Einar (NIBR-rapport 2009:16, Rapport, 2009)
      The report presents an analysis based on a field study of the projects of Høyre and the Centre Party, respectively, and their partners in Tanzania. It also makes recommendations with regards to future project activities. ...
    • Participatory planning and management 

      Braathen, Einar (NIBR-notat 2006:123, Notat, 2006)
      Last ned gratis The aim of this study was to examine the new policy for rural water supply in Tanzania, where a drafting process started in 2002. The new policy is highlighting the local level, and its main tenet is a ...
    • Parties, citizens and local elections in Mozambique 2003 

      Braathen, Einar (NIBR-notat 2004:129, Notat, 2004)
      Last ned gratis The paper is based on a study before, during and after the second local elections held in Mozambique, November 19, 2003. Field work was carried out in four municipalities and a citizen survey conducted in ...
    • Review of Norwegian democracy support via political parties 

      Braathen, Einar; Holm-Hansen, Jørn (NIBR-rapport 2014:22, Rapport, 2014)
      The Norwegian scheme for democracy support through the political parties aims to contribute to democratic and well-functioning party organizations in developing countries. After having been administered by the parties ...
    • Semi-autonomy: Contemporary challenges for indigenous peoples in Brazil. 

      Braathen, Einar; Inglez de Sousa, Cássio (Peer reviewed; Chapter, 2015)
    • Social funds 

      Braathen, Einar (NIBR-notat 2003:118, Notat, 2003)
      This working paper deals with the Tanzanian Social Action Fund. Research on similar 'social funds', funded and designed by the World Bank, in other countries conclude that they (i) weaken the existing local government ...
    • Social funds in Africa 

      Braathen, Einar (NIBR-notat 2004:130, Notat, 2004)
      This is a draft contribution to a book on poverty reduction and the state.
    • Strengthening Peasant Movements 

      Braathen, Einar (NIBR-rapport 2016:1, Rapport, 2016)
      The programme is highly relevant to the current context, and recommendations to strengthen the partners and their advocacy work are put forward.
    • Strengthening Trade Union 

      Braathen, Einar; Muneku, Austin (NIBR-rapport 2009:27, Rapport, 2009)
      Notwithstanding the shortcomings of the co-operation so far, the political and socio-economic contexts of Mozambique indicate that there is a large need for a stronger trade union movement. Henceforth, a continuation of ...
    • The 'Critical Urban Areas' Progamme in Portugal 

      Lechner, Elsa; Braathen, Einar; Ruud, Marit Ekne; Søholt, Susanne (NIBR-rapport 2008:03, Rapport, 2008)
      The report depicts the background and presents an overview of a programme of socio-territorial intervention, partially funded by the Norwegian Government through the EEA Financial Mechanisms. It also presents the situation ...
    • The role of decentralisation on peace making and conflict 

      Braathen, Einar; Siri Bjerkreim Hellevik (NIBR-notat 2006:125, Notat, 2006)
      Last ned gratis This working paper is a literature review of the role that decentralisation may play in peace and conflict management processes. Having reviewed the literature, we argue that interdependency between central ...