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  • Use of external cephalic version for breech presentation at term: A national survey of Norwegian birth units 

    Pay, Aase Serine Devold; Hetlebakke, Aslaug; Glomsrød, Maren Pernille; Bøhn, Kristin; Blix, Ellen (Sexual & Reproductive HealthCare;Volume 33, September 2022, 100751, Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022-06-18)
    Introduction: International guidelines recommend that external cephalic version (ECV) be offered to all women with single fetuses in breech presentation at term. In Norway, ECV is not offered routinely; the national clinical ...
  • Turning points in shaping choral conducting practice: six tales of Norwegian conductors’ professional development 

    Jansson, Dag; Balsnes, Anne Haugland (Music Education Research;Volume 24, 2022 - Issue 2, Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022-03-22)
    Based on narratives on six choral conductors’ unfolding careers, the article investigates significant moments in professional trajectories – turning points – and how these shaped ongoing practices. The empirical material ...
  • Design and Testing of a Miniature Variable Buoyancy System for Underwater Vehicles 

    Elkolali, Moustafa; Al-Tawil, Ahmed; Alcocer, Alex (IEEE Access;Volume 10, 2022, Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022-04-18)
    Buoyancy-driven underwater vehicles are key tools for obtaining data from the ocean. Underwater gliders and profiling floats, equipped with sensors, provide crucial information on ocean processes and climate changes. The ...
  • Why are some families with children leaving the inner city and other staying? 

    Barlindhaug, Rolf (Nordic Journal of Urban Studies;Volume 2, No. 1-2022, Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022-06-10)
    Around 70 percent of those born in the inner city of Oslo move away before reaching school age despite the municipal goal of keeping more of them there, for example by securing a certain share of new construction of larger ...
  • Understanding volunteering intensity in older volunteers 

    Huang le, Giang; Aartsen, Marja (Ageing & Society;, Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022-10-12)
    Although volunteering is considered a good strategy for successful ageing, not many older adults are engaged in voluntary work and those who are do so mainly sporadically. This study focuses on time invested in volunteering ...

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